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NEW! 2017 Scripts (by Kendal Parker) for COACHING your appointments.

Other Helpful Responses Kendal's Facial Booking Scripts
and Follow Up
Kendal's Follow Up Scripts Kendal's Start Something Beautiful Flyer
21 Day Booking Challenge
by Sherralynn Arnold
21 Day Power Booking Challenge: Instructions and Scripts
Google Hangout with Lisa Madson and the 21 Day Power Booking Challenge (YouTube)

Power Booking:
Power Booking Plan
Power Booking Video Tutorial by Kendal Parker

Power Coaching:
Power Coaching Book
Power Coaching Video Tutorial by Kendal Parker

Power Selling:
21 Day Power Booking Tracking book
Power Selling Book
Power Selling Video Tutorial by Kendal Parker

Power Team Building:
Power Team Building Book
Power Team Building Video Tutorial by Kendal Parker

21 Day Challenge Using Google Sheets:
Instructions and Scripts for the 21 Day Booking Challenge - by Sherralynn Arnold
21 Day Booking Challenge - Instructions (using Google Sheets) by Sherralynn Arnold
How to Set Up a Google Sheet to Track Your Contact Attempts (for the 21 Day Booking Challenge)

Other Documents and Resources:
21 Day Booking Challenge Tracking Sheet
iPhone Texting Shortcut Video Tutorial by Kendal Parker
Videos, Documents, and How-To
$1000 DAY "HOW TO" from Sales Director, Susi Felice:

IMPORTANT change during this time that we do not have access to catalogs to mail, I would still mail the flier (see below) - yes it costs you a little bit of money VS just texting and emailing but there are still many who like to have something in their hands and the reminder to hang on the fridge.

I would do the flier in a bright envelope or, white with cute stickers on it and that won't cost much except a stamp and inexpensive copies at Office Max and buy your envelopes at Walmart...

Would also definitely include the ecatalog link in one or more of the texts and emails... (you can find that link on our TOPGUN APP)
$1000 Day Info 2020  
Dropbox Link with all documents Susi used this year is below. Susi said: "My first year I sold $400 and each year building my client base has grown. Now with technology reminders it has increased each year - I try to beat my best!"

Dropbox link:

2020 - $5000 grateful even during Covid-19!
2019 - $7240
2018 - $7056
2017 - $6600

First one she ever did: $400!
Also listen to the VOXER TRAINING by Susi on $1000 day:  
Voxer: $1000 Day Susi Felice #1  
Voxer: $1000 Day Susi Felice #2  
$1000 day Customer Order Spreadsheet 2020 - Excel  
$1000 Day Letter 2020 - Word doc  
$1000 Day Instructions 2020 - PDF  
Customer Service and Susi Training - Word doc  
Delivery Insert - PDF  
Delivery Insert - Publisher  
Customer Appreciation Sale - JPG  
People I Know - PDF  
Adopt-a-Grandparent text script:
Hi, ___________! I hope you are well!
I wanted to share a twist on our annual Adopt-a-Grandparent Program. We have asked our local nursing home to tell us what their residents would like to receive as gifts this holiday season. We have asked for their interests and favorite things, and for them to pick two products. We will gift wrap them, and their gifts will look lovely! As I am sure you know, these residents have no one visiting them due to Covid, and they are even more isolated than they were before the pandemic began. The cost for these two products is $25. Would you be interested in purchasing 1, 2, 4, 8? I promise I will like you either way!
Adopt a Grandparent 2020; DOCX
10 Ways to Get Unstuck
Booking Postcard Pampering Session
Bubble Sheet
Bubble Sheet Contact Tracker
Coaching Ideas for the Holiday
Customer Birthday Specials
Girlfriend Vouchers
#Glow&Tell Scripts
Hostess 2014
Hostess/Girlfriend Voucher
Nicole Miller Party New Consultants
Nicole Miller Seasoned Consultants
Scripts for everything
Skin Care Survey
Skin Care Survey II
The Cash Game - MK Business Description Framed Sign
The Cash Game - Sales Order Form
The Cash Game - Tracker
The Cash Game - $100 Free Framed Sign
Voxer Training on The Cash Game by Sales Director Christy Flater
Calculate Your Magic "Asks" Number
How many ASKS will it take to reach your next MK Goal?
Listen below:
Password: MAGIC#
How-To Hotline with Camille Dimond
"Tools and Tips for Making Booking EASIER!
5x Booking Scripts from Camille Dimond
Referral Tracker from Camille Dimond
Bubble Sheet
$200 Free Party Postcard; Publisher
$200 Free to Party With Me; Publisher
25 Parties
Sparkle Makeover; Publisher
Sparkle Open House; Publisher
Computer Wallpaper Image
Email Invite Pic
Email Invite Script
Entry Form
Gift Insert Postcard
Photo Backdrop Image
Poem Image
Pam Lancaster Closing the Sale video
Coaching Method for a Hostess
Coaching Method Turning Face into Party
Coaching via Texting, by Sales Director Amanda Marusek
Coaching Via Texting, by Amanda Marusek - recording of Director Call 11/2/2015
How to Get Guest List from Your Hostess
(when she is hesitant because she isn't 100% sure who will want to attend)
From Aubrey Dale- Lancaster Unit:

After I and the hostess have set a date and decided when to start the virtual party, I ask for her address and ask her if she has the addresses of the people she wants to have included and how many packs I should send directly to her.

There's usually a little hesitancy coming from the hostess due to not knowing who will actually want to do it. So I say, "Oh that's easy....most will because it's a free spa treatment! Here is a graphic you can send send out to people so it's all explained and then when they say YES, you can text me their name & addresses! 

My hostesses LOVE this and it's been working GREAT!

NOTE: Very important....people who say no to the pack or that don't get back to her...... I STILL have her invite them into the facebook group and then post this in the group as well so everyone has a couple chances to see it and no one falls through the cracks.
NSD Kristin Sharpe - Using Goodie Bags to Double Your Class Size (Million $ Message, 8/20/2015)
NSD Rebbecca Evans' Accolades
Booking on the Spot with Facial Bags - Aubrey Fager
Call # 661-673-8609
Access Code: 786218 Ref #14
Booking for Charities - Jessica Oakley
Call # 605-475-4099
Access Code: 501692# Ref #1
Booking on the Spot with Facial Bags - Aubrey Fager
Facial Packet Letter - Aubrey Fager
Jessica Charity Script
MK Giveaway Survey
Tracking Your Business on InTouch
Building a Dream Nation
Holiday Strategy Handbook
Hostess Appointment Letter
OH Invite Generic
Outside Order Form MK Best
Tammy's Gift Certificate
Visualization by Pam Lancaster
Special thanks to Sales Director, Kellie Hammett, for creating these documents
Bubble Sheet Activity Breakdown
Bubble Sheet Activity Worksheet ; DOCX
Bubble Sheet 30
Bubble Sheet 55
Flow Chart for Achieving Goals
Focus Folder Xtreme Team 2017-18
Focus Folder Faces Tracking
Focus Folder 2008 Interview Page
IPA's Form
Mental Bath Calendar August 
Power Start Page
Team Building Page
Computer Wallpaper Image
Entry Form NO FB
Entry Form with FB
Gift Insert with $100 Drawing & FB
Gift Insert with $100 Drawing Only
Gift Insert with FB Only
Photo Backdrop Image
Scripts with FB
Scripts with NO FB
#Glow&Tell Collage
#Glow&Tell Contact Post
#Glow&Tell Information
#Glow&Tell Scripts
#Glow&Tell Survey
What is Ambition; Publisher
Google Voice Scripts
Google Voice Training
Google Voice Scripts and Training
Hydrasession Happiness
Click on the link below to view all details, how-to videos, and resources like tray inserts, invites, closing sheets and more!

HydraSession Happiness Resources
Amy Kemp Challenge
Follow Up Questions After Sharing Your Recruiting Notebook or a Video
Follow Up Questions for Marketing DVD or Call
Follow Up Sheet for Amy Kemp Marketing Video
Gloria's Diamond Dozen
Interview Guide
It Pays to Share
Kim Bessey Team Building Notebook
Layering Chart ; EXCEL
Left/Right Marketing Game
Mary Kay Career Path Price Tag
Marketing Tools
Myth Busting: Fact vs Fiction
Objection Flashcards
Quality Prospects
Recruiting Notebook Cover Page
Recruiting Notebook 10 Reasons
Sherralynn's Journey - Marketing Video
Tina Parkin Team Building Notebook - PDF
Tina Parkin Team Building Notebook - PowerPoint
(for doing virtual career chats)
Tina Parkin Team Building Notebook - Publisher
Booking Idea - Neighbor Introduction Letter
Dear Applebee's Employee ; DOCX
Laurie Cole Restaurant Rose Booking Scripts
Model Portfolio
Model Scripts
The Cash Game
Microdermabrasion Treatment Script & Quick How To
Your Microderm Appointment
Your Microdermabrasion Appt Email Text
$1000 Day Letter
$1000 Day Instructions & Scripts
2014 Skin Care Party Outline
Create My Roll Up 2014
Individual Close
Start your Engines
Ashley Rinehart - Facial in a Bag - Timewise Repair
Christy Flater - Coaching
Clarissa Hansen - Half Size Weekly Plan Sheet
Clarissa Hansen - Daily Organizational Worksheet Half Sheet
Clarissa Hansen - Bubble Sheet 2013 1-2 size
Clarissa Hansen - Lead Hostess Half sheet
Jolinn Andriese - Recruiting Notebook 2015
Sherralynn Arnold - Beauty Coat Tracker
Sherralynn Arnold - Car Tracking
Sherralynn Arnold - Notes
Sherralyn Arnold - Recruiting Tracking Flier 2015
Foundation Conversion Chart
Instructions for Makeup Looks by Robert Jones
Basic 4 to a pg Close Set 4 to a pg
Deep Set 4 to a pg Droopy 4 to a pg
Hooded 4 to a pg Prominent 4 to a pg
Wide Set 4 to a pg Eye Chart Shapes
Beige Classic Bronze Classic
Beige Glamour Bronze Glamour
Beige Minimalist Bronze Minimalist
Ebony Classic Ivory Classic
Ebony Glamour Ivory Glamour
Ebony Minimalist Ivory Minimalist
Example Set Up
Preprofiling Robert Jones

by Topgun Area Sales Director Susi Felice:
$1000 Day Letter 2017 ; DOCX
$1000 Day Guidelines 2017 ; DOCX
$1000 Day Image
People I Know
The Cash Game
My $1,000 Day Letter
$1,000 Day Insert 2013
$1,000 Day Letter 2014
$1000 Day Voxer Training by NSD Tammy Crayk Smith (May 19, 2015)
Deanna Spillman $1,000 Day Letter
Editable $1000 Day Letter, by MK Virtual Office
Holiday Gift Guide 2015
 How to Have a $1000 Day, by MK Virtual Office
Executive Gift Service Brochure
Executive Gift Service Order Form
Mascara Club
November National Healthy Skin Month
November National Healthy Skin Month Insert Generic
TimeWise Miracle 3D Set Calculator 2018 ; EXCEL
TimeWise Volu Firm Calculator ; EXCEL
Travel Roll Up Closing Sheet

(for Sandy, UT Center)
Customer Profile and Close Sheet
Saturday Skin Care Class Info
Tell Us What You Think - Closing Sheet

Gift Tags for Mary Kay Products
12 Days of Christmas Gift Tags Charcoal Mask - 1 Day
of Coal, 364 of Fun
Charcoal Mask - Charcoal for Christmas
Charcoal Mask -  Santa-Approved Coal Christmas Pillow Gift Consultant Explanation Christmas Pillow Gift Tags - Blue
Christmas Pillow Gift
Tags - Pink
FabuLash YOU Hand Cream Holiday Snowman
Handcream Holiday Snowman Example Hand Cream Holiday Snowman Wrapper Hand Cream Penguin Wrapper
Lip Colors - Merry Kissmas to You Man Can Label - Circle Man Can Label - Square
Mint Bliss MistleTOES Tag Mint Bliss Poem Satin Body Collection Tags
  Satin Hands to Teacher or Mom  
10 Great Reasons to begin your Mary Kay career during the Holiday selling season
Here's a link to the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide created by Deanna's office, as well as the updated Holiday Strategy Guide: 
Man Can
Seasonal Selling Ideas for November/December - Entire Email

Linda Toupin's thoughts on MK PINK Friday SALES
Consultants & Directors - When you discount your products you're giving away your profit or a portion of your profit. Think 3 different thoughts that will make you more money, bring more customers & reorders & moves more product.
Listen to her Vox below:

Holiday Gifts Galore Fun Packet
Melinda Balling Instructions for Fun Packets and Silent Hostesses

Thanksgiving Hostess and Pillow Gifts Instructions
Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea - Example
Thanksgiving Pillow Gifts Poem


Executive Gift Service Brochure
Executive Gift Service Order Form

Class Closing Sheets, including Clinical Solutions
Set Sheet Color     JPEG format
Set Sheet Spa     JPEG format
Rosann Owen Virtual Class Tools - December 2020

Rosann Owen's Virtual Skin Care Class Training Video
Customer Profile 2020
Letter to mail with Skin Care Samples
Powerpoint Slides to use during the class
Hydrogel Eye Patches
Video: Pam Lancaster Roll Up Bag Close
Voxer: Bridal Parties That Serve as Make-Up Trousseau Showers
by NSD Linda Toupin
Recording: Carrie Carlile - Selling the 'Meat and Potatoes,' aka SKINCARE! (How-To Hotline, 8/20/2015)
21 Day Challenge (March 2016)
Copeland Closing Sheet 9/2019
Create my Rollup - August 2018
Customer Profile 2020
Glamour Closing Sheet
Hostess Program 2019
Hydrasession Closing Sheet
I Love My Hostess - 80 for 40
NSD Rebbecca Evans' Hostess Program
NSD Rebbecca Evans' Accolades
Skin Care Closing Sheet
Skin Care Party Flip Chart Add-Ins - 3D
Skin Care Party Flip Chart Product Add-Ins
Travel Roll Up Closing Sheet
Aubrey Star Tracker
Individual Close Star Script
New Product Postcards
Star Certificate
Star Sales Script
Kali brings your Fearless Friday Message.
Today's call is all about Income Producing Activities (IPAs).

Ever wonder what to do to be the most successful or productive? Here are a couple of tracking IPA sheets you can use. There are several online, so feel free to search to see which is your favorite.
By focusing on IPAs you will not only make money, but you will be oh so successful at the same time. They will keep you focused on the most important activities for you.
Daily Plan Sheet Consultants; PUBLISHER
Daily Plan Sheet Directors; PUBLISHER
Pitiful/Powerful Daily Plan Training, by NSD Tammy Crayk Smith (How-To Hotline, 8/25/2015)
TopGun Area Daily Discipline Checklist
4 Hour IPA Plan Sheet
4 Hour IPA Plan Sheet (30 min)
100 No's Tracking
IPA Tracking Sheet (with Virtual options)

All About Great Apps
Paradigm Shift Card Resources
Instructions to print Paradigm Shift Cards
Before & After PC - Page 1
Before & After PC - Page 2
Example of Julianne's Card
$10,000 Per Month in Six Months
Cheetah Celebrate Girlfriends
Cheetah Girlfriend Vouchers
Crayk Area Phone Tree
Facial Letter ; DOCX