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BRILLIANT Virtual Skin Care Party training by
MILLION $ Sales Director Jennifer Besecker!

Step by Step guides for Skin Care Classes

How to Get Guest List from Your Hostess
(when she is hesitant because she isn't 100% sure who will want to attend)
From Aubrey Dale- Lancaster Unit:

After I and the hostess have set a date and decided when to start the virtual party, I ask for her address and ask her if she has the addresses of the people she wants to have included and how many packs I should send directly to her.

There's usually a little hesitancy coming from the hostess due to not knowing who will actually want to do it. So I say, "Oh that's easy....most will because it's a free spa treatment! Here is a graphic you can send send out to people so it's all explained and then when they say YES, you can text me their name & addresses! 

My hostesses LOVE this and it's been working GREAT!

NOTE: Very important....people who say no to the pack or that don't get back to her...... I STILL have her invite them into the facebook group and then post this in the group as well so everyone has a couple chances to see it and no one falls through the cracks.
Allison Cheney's FB Class / Zoom Recording and Outline

Password REQUIRED to access the video recording: 1J%86xn5
Allison's Virtual FaceBook Session

Glamour Closing Sheet Hydrasession Closing Sheet
Skin Care Closing Sheet All About Great Apps

Preparing/Mailing Samples for your Virtual Appointments:
Here's how to send your samples out for .70 cents AND a great way to create your own samples, so read carefully. It is important that you order these exact supplies to make it work. I will post the links below and after that the instructions. THIS IS A LONG POST, SO MAKE SURE YOU READ IT ALL. You can create great samples in these awesome foil packets from Amazon. Use a cake decorating bag (easy to get at Walmart) to fill your samples so the edges of the foil packet stay clean and nice. You seal them at the bottom with your flat iron. This should make it so they don't dry out either. Just make sure they are completely sealed.
(you can purchase any .5 X 1.75 sized labels)
Click here for Dropbox link to PDF document
(you will print these on your labels) for ALL MK SAMPLES
(Names of products-already created for you)


My girlfriend who has been using this mailing method has mailed out hundreds of packets, as have her consultants. You can put all of your foil samples for either facial OR hydrasession in these pink envelopes and mail them for 70 cents. She also includes 2 to 4 pieces of paper, depending on what she's doing. Here are the critical elements:

1) You need to use the pink square envelopes I have linked you to above; the stamps you need to use require a square envelope;

2) The entire packet cannot weigh more than 2 oz.;

3) The packet cannot be thicker than 1/4 inch;

4) You MUST USE the non-machinable stamps with the yellow butterfly on them from the post office. No other stamps will work. You can order them at the link above or walk into your post office and buy them. Obviously I ordered mine online.

We always want our packets to be cute, so put a cool sticker on the sealed envelope (staying under the 2 oz. weight limit) and you should be good to go!

You can schedule pick up of your mail by going to this link:

Some addresses are ineligible for postal pickup. Don't forget many grocery stores have USPS drop off and so do all of the UPS stores.

Happy shipping! Let's get to it! #InnerCircle